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Friday, August 27, 2004

              Kerry and Israel
AllahPundit links to an interesting and edifying article from the Daily Star of Beirut. Augustus Richard Norton who has consulted the Kerry campaign has some predictions of what a Kerry Administration policy towards Israel would look like.
"Kerry is much more likely to change the process of consultation, much more likely to listen instead of acting thoughtlessly, much more likely to try and cooperate fully with international groupings, such as the EU and the UN."

He said a Kerry administration would probably regard the unofficial Geneva Accord drawn up last year by former Israeli and Palestinian government officials and peace negotiators as a "template" for resuming the Mideast peace process.

"I think it very likely we will specifically see Kerry embrace that kind of model," he said.
Is this Kerry trying to appeal to Arabs, or is this what he really thinks? And if this is his true intention, he has managed to hide it pretty well from American Jews.
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