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Monday, March 14, 2005

              Zarqawi Threats on US
According to this article in Time, Zarqawi wants to attack the US.
Intelligence officials tell TIME that interrogation of a member of al-Zarqawi's organization, who was taken into U.S. custody last year and has been described as a top aide, indicates that al-Zarqawi has given ample consideration to assaults on the American homeland. According to a restricted bulletin that circulated among U.S. security agencies last week, the interrogated aide said al-Zarqawi has talked about hitting "soft targets" in the U.S., which could include "movie theaters, restaurants and schools."
My first response to this is "what took them so long?". The best way for terrorists to hurt the US is a number of suicide bombings all around the country in shopping malls, movie theatres, public transportation, etc. This would slow the US economy to a crawl. Instead, we have been told that bin Laden and his ilk are planning another "spectacular" attack on the US.

It seems to me that the fact that Zarqawi now is considering resorting to the tactics described shows how weak the terrorist network has become. No longer are they able to pull off a coordinated large-scale strike as they have wanted to do for a few years, instead they have had to change their methods to attacks on soft targets in the US.
|| Nudnik 2:18 PM
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