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Sunday, March 06, 2005

              The Hizbollah Factor in Lebanon

Afer weeks of silence, Hizbollah is calling for a mass protest in Beirut on Tuesday, in an apparent effort to intimidate the democracy protestors:

The group's chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warned that Syria's pullout under intense global pressure could spell chaos for Lebanon and push it toward peace with Israel.

"The aim of America and Israel is to spread chaos in Lebanon and bring back Lebanon to a state of chaos to find excuses for foreign intervention and to push some Lebanese to call for international intervention," Nasrallah told a news conference.

In the name of loyalist parties, he called for a mass rally Tuesday at a square in central Beirut close to another square where opposition protesters have been demanding Syria quit Lebanon for the past three weeks.
English translation: "Nope. Ya can't have any democracy over there. Because ya may actually make friends with those dirty, stinking Jews. And maybe you've forgotten, but those Jews are the ones who have caused all our problems for the past few thousand years!"

The logic is mind boggling.

|| Mad as Hell 2:22 PM
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