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Monday, March 07, 2005

              Whose Confidence?
The "What's News" section of the Wall Street Journal has this little blurb on the Middle East "peace process"
Israel hands over Tulkarem to Palestinian control this week, resuming confidence-building measures that a Feb. 25 Tel Aviv bombing interrupted
Why exactly does Israel need to resume confidence-building after the Palestinians attack? Shouldn't the Palestinians be responsible for at least some confidence-building?

Today the "cease-fire" continued in the usual way Palestinian cease-fires have gone.
HEBRON, West Bank - Palestinian militants shot and wounded two Israeli border policemen Monday in an attack on a military post near a West Bank shrine, the latest attempt to disrupt a delicate cease-fire.
The Palestinians have figured out that as long as they don't kill too many Israelis at any one time, no one will really notice.

For whatever reasons, no one wants to admit what the PLO and their leaders really are. This article is an excellent reminder of the goals of the PLO and their leadership, which hasn't changed despite all the handshakes with Presidents Clinton and Bush.
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