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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

              Taking "No" For an Answer
In today's press conference, President Bush once again stated that diplomacy with Iran is just starting and that we are cooperating with "our European friends" inn getting Iran to abandon their nuclear program. Almost at the same time, Mohammed Khatami was unequivocally stating that Iran will continue the program and that "No US Incentive Will Lead Iran To Give Up Enrichment". Of course this could be part of Iran's negotiating tactics, but at some point the US and the EU3 need to take Iran's "no" as an answer and develop a plan from there. It seems that the plan of the EU3 is to delay as long as possible - until Iran has a nuclear weapon - and then throw up their hands and say that they deeply regret it, but that nothing more can be done. Going to the UN Security Council is all part of this delaying tactic. It seems that the US, at this point is willing to wait to June to see if the elections in Iran - sure to be hijacked by the mullahs - will produce some kind of popular uprising. If that doesn't happen, there will be no good options regarding what to do.
|| Nudnik 11:56 AM
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