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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

              Iran Protests
While no one (or at least the MSM) is looking, protests have been breaking out around Iran. Regime Change Iran reports on the goings on there.
A report from Tehran: Young celebrants today set scarecrows in the likeness of various Mullahs, such as Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Sharoudi, Jannati, etc. on fire in the streets. They cried out slogans such as: "Referendum, referendum, this is the people's dictum."
Even more interesting is how they express their views regarding the US and Europe.
In another area of the city people took to setting the French flag on fire while chanting: "Europe is finished and so are their Mullahs." OR "Bush, Bush, where is Bush?" (In Persian this rhymes: Bush, Bush, kush, kush!).
While this is encouraging, such small scale demonstrations have been going on for quite a while. The main problem there seems to be the lack of organization of the anti-mullah forces. In part this is because of the arrests of many student leaders. Nevertheless, there is hope that with the elections - that will undoubtedly be rigged - coming up, the pro-democracy forces will create enough noise to actually attract external notice and support.
|| Nudnik 3:12 PM
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