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Thursday, March 31, 2005

              Head in the Sand
A new poll by CNN released yesterday shows that Europe continues to engage in wishful thinking and delusion.
Almost six out of 10 adults in Britain, France and Germany say that Iran does not pose a nuclear threat to Europe, according to the findings of a new CNN/TIME poll.
This seems to be the triumph of hope over experience and it is followed today by a release from the NCRI - National Council of Resistance of Iran - that Iran has sought to acquire nuclear warheads. This dissident group has been repeatedly correct about Iran's nuclear program, and it is therefore very worrying if they are correct once again about this aspect of Iran's nuclear pursuits. They did not say whether Iran had actually managed to procure these warheads, so there is clearly the possibility that Iran already has as many as three nuclear warheads. Coupled with the revelation last week of Iran's acquisition of a dozen nuclear capable cruise missiles from Ukraine, and with Iran's continuing ballistic missile program, one has to ask "what are the Europeans thinking?".

It seems to me that in part, this is a reaction to the Bush Administration's push on Iran. The Europeans seem to be saying that whatever Bush thinks, they want to be on the opposite side. It also probably has to do with the fact that even if Iran is a real nuclear threat to Europe, there is very little they can do about it. Diplomatically they have achieved nothing over the past few years except give Iran more time. And militarily they are completely impotent. Being unable to do anything about Iran, they seem to have decided to close their eyes and ignore it. Of course, putting your head in the sand inevitably exposes your other end.
|| Nudnik 10:51 AM
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