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Thursday, November 04, 2004

              End of Arafat?
Despite the continuing protestations that Chairman Arafat merely has a cold, Israel Radio is reporting that
Medical source at hospital where Arafat is being treated says Arafat has no chance of emerging from coma.
It reminds me of the old joke - Arafat goes to a fortune-teller to find out when he will die. The fortune teller tells him that he will die on a Jewish holiday. Arafat is perplexed and asks which holiday. To which the fortune-teller responds that any day he dies will be a Jewish holiday.

David Frum has a good assessment of the life of Arafat.
For those people--for us all--the world will be a better place if he had never lived and will be a cleaner place after he is gone.
|| Nudnik 8:20 AM
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