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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

              The Decision
As the country goes into the voting booth, there seem to be two main motivations for pulling one lever rather than the other. Mark Steyn describes the thinking of the Republicans versus the thinking of Democrats.
This is, supposedly, the 9/11 election. But, in fact, on one side of the divide there's remarkably little interest in the war on terror and Iraq beyond the pro forma sloganeering. Mooching around New Hampshire these last few days, I've seen just one lone sign that any Democrat is even thinking about the subject: in the yard of a Kerry/Edwards supporter on Route 10 just north of Hanover was a placard that read "Support Our Troops. Bring Them Home".
No, the big date for a lot of these people is not 9/11 but 11/7 - November 7, 2000, the date Al Gore had his election victory "stolen" from him. If you've seen Fahrenheit 9/11, you'll know that Michael Moore's film starts with a long prologue about the Florida recount, the Supreme Court decision, etc. It doesn't seem the most obvious material for inclusion in a film about Iraq, Osama and the Saudis. But, for the likes of Moore, November 7 is the issue: it's where the tale begins, it's what led to September 11, which is no more than a First Act plot-twist cunningly manipulated by Bush to obscure what the story's really about.
Cox&Forkum illustrates this difference in mindset.
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