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Thursday, November 18, 2004

              'Cuff Kofi
Jed Babbin has a great idea - take the UN to court. While its true that it and its "diplomats" enjoy diplomatic immunity, there may be a way of getting around that.
Alan Gerson, an international-law expert, has been a leader in the litigation of antiterrorist cases. He told me that when a person or an entity — even a government — has aided and abetted terrorism, its immunity can be bypassed in legal proceedings. When someone violates the "commitment to peremptory norms" — i.e., when it helps fund terrorism — it effectively gives up its immunity from legal action. The president can and should act on this idea.
There would be very few sights as sweeter as seeing Kofi Annan being walked, in handcuffs, into Federal District Court.
|| Nudnik 1:38 PM
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