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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

              Defusing Iran?
Richard Cohen, after trying to validate Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon, comes up with a "solution" as to how to make sure that they will not succeed in their goal.
[T]he United States had better change its approach. It ought, right off, to join with its European allies -- Britain, France and Germany -- in offering Iran a package of goodies to induce it to abandon its nuclear dreams. Instead, Washington has declared itself "agnostic" about these talks, which is hardly a rousing endorsement.

Maybe more important, the Bush administration had better wake up and smell the importance of international organizations and the rule of (international) law.
This is simply absurd. Why is it that the Left's "solution" to virtually any problem is to accede to the demands of the adversary? Didn't anyone learn anything from Carter's "peace in our time" compromise with North Korea? Cohen's "solution" is to try the exact same arrangement with Iran. What makes people think that it would succeed this time? The fact is that relying on "international law" when dealing with a rogue regime is crazy. The fact that they are a rogue regime, by definition, means that they will not abide by the law no matter what we do.

Scrappleface has a good description of the proposed arrangement.
Iran today said it had suspended uranium enrichment as part of a deal negotiated with several European Union countries which, for their part, have agreed to suspend disbelief.
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