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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

              Who Killed Hariri? Who Else?
Continuing in its anti-Israel vein, Patrick Seale of The Guardian finds the real killers of Hariri.
If Syria did not kill Hariri, who could have? There is no shortage of potential candidates, including far-right Christians, anxious to rouse opinion against Syria and expel it from Lebanon; Islamist extremists who have not forgiven Syria its repression of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 80s; and, of course, Israel.
The actual logic of the situation doesn't seem to intrude on Seale's analysis, specifically that it was clearly not in Israel's interest to kill Hariri. Hariri was anti-Syrian and after the election in the spring, an election that he was favored to win, was sure to push Syria to withdraw its troops. Killing Hariri was sure to destabilize Lebanon. Additionally, once he was elected, he very likely would have tried to make peace with Israel. This would have been very negative for Syria and Hizbullah. Placing the blame in Israel, simply because it
has great experience at "targeted assassinations" - not only in the Palestinian territories but across the Middle East. Over the years, it has sent hit teams to kill opponents in Beirut, Tunis, Malta, Amman and Damascus.
is ridiculous. Israel has killed terrorists in all those places, not pro-Israeli politicians. The fact that the Guardian can not recognize the difference, and the need to blame Israel are simply further example of the Guardian's anti-Israel propaganda.
|| Nudnik 11:31 AM
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