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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

              Victory or Exit?
The Democrat's pre-buttal to President Bush's State of the Union speech revealed once again their erroneous thinking on Iraq and the GWOT. On that front, their chief demand seemed to be to define an "exit strategy". It seems that what the Democrats want is for the US to leave Iraq. Whether we win, is not that important to them. But as Frank Gaffney shows, there is nowhere to exit to.
In fact, were America actually to heed the siren's call - issued by Mr. Kennedy before Sunday's remarkable election in Iraq made doing so, at least for the moment, unimaginable - and retreat from the Iraqi front in that war, it would simply assure we will fight these enemies far closer to home and, indeed, in all likelihood here.

Let's be clear: The discredited Left, epitomized by Mr. Kennedy, proposes a reprise of their cut-and-run exit strategy in Vietnam. Just leave and if somebody else wants to take over - say, the United Nations - so be it.
History shows that the longer the US stays in an "occupation", the more likely that we succeed in establishing a viable and productive country. If we leave Iraq within the next five years we are virtually guaranteeing failure there, and more trouble in the Middle East.
|| Nudnik 1:50 PM
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