The Nudnik File

Nudnik - n. U.S. colloq. Esp. in Jewish usage: a pestering, nagging, or irritating person

Thursday, February 24, 2005

              Music I’ve grown to dislike.

1. Fairport Convention’s “The Deserter”…

"Don’t despise the deserter who ran from the war."

Ummmm… no. Court martial for you, followed by a long acquaintance with the bread and water circuit.

2. Jackson Browne’s “Soldier of Plenty”…

"Ahh boy… this world is not your toy. How much longer you gonna keep this world hungry for?"

He refers to a US soldier as “Boy”, blames him for keeping the world hungry and likens his mission to that of child play. Oh yeah… nice grammar Jackson… like finger nails on a chalk board.

3. “There goes old Georgetown”…

I don’t care what Princeton review says. It’s a dirty place. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the turbans of any parent who allows their kids to attend that shameful institution.

4. “Happiness Runs” by Donovan…

"Happiness runs in a circular motion. Thought is like a little boat upon the sea. Everybody is a part of everything anyway." (Over and over in three part staggered harmony… pounding your brain with happy thoughts).

This song climbs into your noggin’ and pitches tent. Get out of my head Donovan!!! If I was to commit mass murder, I’d probbaly be wearing headphones and this song would, no doubt, be the song of choice to guide me through. I can’t believe that AT&T is using it in their new TV advert campaign. Ugggh.

5. “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”…

Come on Arlo, can we please keep it under 5 minutes? I’ve got a Turkey to carve. Oh… and pick up your garbage ya dirty hippie.

|| Elder of Zion #6 11:26 AM
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