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Saturday, February 12, 2005

              The Global War on Terror goes on ... and no one notices

Did I miss something?

Or did we all?

Well, I think we did.

And I think you will too, once you realize that the following new stories were never reported on the evening news, nor in the mainstream press:
Iran captured 3 British Ships ... Israel shot down 2 Syrian Migs ... Iran and Russia tout "military cooperation" ... Evidence ties Iran and Syria to Iraq terror acts ... Palestinians fear Iranian assassination plot against Abbas ... Iranian head-of-state calls for students to become "martyrs"
It's disgusting that the news media has chosen to ignore these real-life news events that our children will (hopefully) read about in their history books. Instead, we get up-to-the-minute Michael Jackson child molestation updates :(

A few examples for ya:

Iran emerging as major threat to post-election Iraq
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In December 2004, Iran captured three British Navy vessels in Shatt al Arab, long the source of dispute between Baghdad and Teheran. Iran has released the crews but has refused to return the vessels. ... Coalition sources said Iran's military appears to be on wartime alert along its border with Iraq. They said Iran has sparked provocations along the Iraqi border and had sent thousands of agents into Iraq to influence the nationwide elections on Jan. 30. ... Coalition military sources said Iran has stepped up patrols along the border with Iraq, particularly the Shatt al Arab waterway. The sources said Iran engages in constant surveillance and infiltration of Iraq's eastern borders. "I envision clashes between Iran and Iraq in 2005," a coalition commander said.
Israel downed 2 Syrian MiGs last September over sea
(and Russia is arming the Syrians)

Diplomatic sources said Israel Air Force F-16 multi-role fighters intercepted and downed two Syrian MiG-29 fighter-jets last year. The sources said the dogfight took place in September 2004 over the eastern Mediterranean Sea. ... The sources said the air battle took place when Israel Air Force fighter-jets buzzed the Syrian city of Latakia, a port used by Iran for the shipment of weapons to Hizbullah. ... Diplomatic sources said the Syrian losses led President Bashar Assad to accelerate efforts to procure advanced anti-aircraft systems from Russia. ..."Russia has cooperated with Syria for decades, and my country is convinced that Syria has a strong right to get defensive weapons," Russian ambassador in Tunisia Aleksei Tserub said.
Iran acknowledges military ties with Russia for first time
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Iran's ambassador to Russia described defense and military cooperation between the two countries. It was the first time a senior Iranian official asserted that the two countries were engaged in defense and military projects. "Russian-Iranian cooperation is also developing in the military and technical sphere," Iranian Ambassador Gholamreza Shafei said. ... On Jan. 29, Iran and Russia signed an agreement for the sale of a Russian telecommunications satellite to Iran. Shafei said the $132 million Zohreh project was an example of space cooperation between Moscow and Teheran.
Iraq identifies Iranian, Syrian terrorists arrested during elections

"As far as I know, one of those who blew himself up was from Chechnya; another one was from Sudan; and a third person, who was killed, was a Syrian," [Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al-Naqib] said. Another Syrian was arrested. ... During one raid last week, Iraqi National Guard troops seized 16 trucks filled with weapons, explosives and cash. ... According to Iraqi authorities, the people involved in the arms smuggling admitted to having ties to Iranian intelligence ... The captured smugglers provided details of the activities of the Al Fajer, a branch of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security, which is working to recruit Iraqis for terrorist operations.
PA fears Hizbullah to target Abbas

Palestinian Authority security officials on Wednesday expressed fear that Hizbullah and Iran were planning to kill PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in order to thwart attempts to revive the peace process. ... "Hizbullah and Iran are not happy with Abbas's efforts to achieve a cease-fire with Israel and resume negotiations with Israel," a top PA security official told The Jerusalem Post. "That's why we don't rule out the possibility that they might try to kill him if he continues with his policy."
Iran's Political and Military Leadership Call for Martyrdom

In a recent statement to the 8th Congress on Martyred Students, Iran's Leader Ali Khamenei praised the culture of shahada (committing martyrdom operations), and called upon students to follow the path of martyrs. Speaking at a memorial service at the University of Qom, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards general, Shabani, called for the training and education of students as martyrs.
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