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Saturday, February 26, 2005

              UPDATE: "Hudna Broken!" - Many caualties are IDF

As anticipated, many of the casualties from last night's suicide bombing were off-duty soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). This sad story was published today by the Jerusalem Post:

IDF unit struck hard by Tel Aviv bomber

Friday night's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv struck an IDF combat unit especially hard. The unit was all invited to celebrate a party for one of its soldiers, and stood at the entrance to the 'Stage' club when the bomber detonated his bomb-belt.

The platoon commander, Eran Cohen, told Army Radio, "There were 13 of us there. All the fatalities are from our unit. Many more were wounded."
The irony here is that this bombing was made possible by Israel's agreement to halt "targeted assassinations" of terrorists in Judea, Samaria (the Biblical names of the areas commonly referred to as the West Bank) and Gaza.

Again, it goes to show that you can't take word of a killer when he promises not to bomb your children. Hopefully this will help us all realize that killers must be killed first before they are able to kill us - and not appeased, negotiated with, or analyzed to determine the root causes that make them want to kill us.

That just leads to images such as the ones here, here, here, here, here and here of our children getting blown up in front of nightclubs on Shabbat.

|| Mad as Hell 12:41 PM
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