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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

              New Level of Mendacity
Senator Kerry, at a forum with voters, brought up the possibility that a military draft could be reinstated if Bush were re-elected. The level of this mendacity is simply stunning. Every Republican and military official has completely ruled out a draft; in today's military it simply does not make sense - given the technological complexity of the military, it's too expensive and inefficient to draft someone and spend a long time training them only to have them leave as soon as their term is up. The only ones advocating a draft are prominent Democrats like Rep. Charles Rangel. This is pure desperation on the part of the Kerry campaign. Being so far back, they now need to scare people with outright lies.

Michelle Malkin links to an article pointing out that a mass email is being sent to students in college warning them that they will be drafted as early as June of 2005.

I had thought that Kerry was basically a decent man, albeit a complete nothing, until the events of the past few weeks. Now I am convinced that he is complete shit. I wonder if these changes in his campaign tactics (i.e. outright lying) have anything to do with the Clinton operatives he brought on board. They, as we know, are well versed in this type of deceit.
|| Nudnik 4:43 PM
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