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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

              More Bolton
Frank Gaffney makes a good case that the whole argument regarding the confirmation of John Bolton is nothing more than refighting the 2004 election.
They're back. The people who tried to defeat George W. Bush are the same people now trying to defeat his nominee for the United Nations, John R. Bolton.

And George Soros,, the Democratic Party machinery and, not least, John Kerry hope to demonstrate, by so doing, they were right all along on what is, arguably, the most important national security issue of our time: Need America pass a "global test" to protect its vital interests?
The fact is that the Democrats refuse to have a serious debate about Bolton's views because they know they would lose that debate just like they lost in November of last year. So not being able to discuss the issues, they have sunk to the "politics of personal destruction" based on the most absurd allegations. Proving once again that they are simply not a serious opposition.

Bill Sammon reports that the White House now understands this, after screwing up the initial part of this confirmation battle, and plans to present it to the American people as a debate about the role of the UN. I'm sure the Democrats are not looking forward to that.
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