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Nudnik - n. U.S. colloq. Esp. in Jewish usage: a pestering, nagging, or irritating person

Friday, April 29, 2005

              European Predictions
Denis Boyles, National Review's European correspondent in Paris has grown weary of Europe, so he is going to the Midwest.
One Kafkaesque morning, as I was waking up from anxious dreams, I discovered I dreaded going to work. All I wanted to do was cheat on my perfect wife, ignore my children, stab my oldest friend in the back, and smoke a cigarette, even though I haven’t smoked for almost 20 years. My hair broke out in gel and my underwear turned into briefs - then shrunk three sizes. I realized I was slowly becoming a French person.
But as he leaves EUtopia, he has some predictions for what we should expect from the Continent this summer.
|| Nudnik 12:06 PM
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