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Thursday, April 28, 2005

              Krugman's Healthcare
We constantly hear from the left (among others) that the healthcare system in Europe is so much better than in the United States. Paul Krugman wrote a column about this last week in the New York Times. His argument focused on the "fact" that the infant mortality rate is higher in the US than in Europe, and that life expectancy is greater in Europe than in the US. David Hogberg, in The American Spectator, debunks these claims and shows that the government run health systems of Europe, are in many cases much worse than the private healthcare of the United States. He ends with these statistics:
Of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, one-fourth die of the disease. About one-third die in France and Germany, and a little less than half do in the United Kingdom. Of men diagnosed with prostate cancer, less than one-fifth die in the U.S., while one-fourth do in Canada, nearly half in France, and more than half in the U.K.
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