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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It seems that the Left's objections to John Bolton's confirmation to the UN are grounded in the allegation that he has "disdain" for the UN. The obvious question then, is why does the Left not share that same disdain for an organization that in the past few years has embodied and propagated ideas that are supposedly antithetical to the beliefs of these "progressives". I don't think it's necessary to once again recount all of the UN scandals. The New York Sun's editorial perfectly addresses the Democrats' objections.
The fact is that the Senate hearings on the nomination of Mr. Bolton to the United Nations have been a classic case of what is wrong with the Democratic Party. Here we are in the midst of a war with Islamist terror, in the midst of a historical scandal over the oil-for-food program, in the midst of a crisis of credibility at the United Nations over the behavior of its peacekeeping forces, in the midst of a reform in the management and fundamental structures of the world body, and in the midst of a debate over whether the United Nations ought even to stay in New York. What do the Democrats do but fall to quibbling over the nominee who once dressed down a bureaucrat.
|| Nudnik 11:09 AM
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