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Monday, January 10, 2005

              Second hand post from NEO ELDER
During one of our clandestine Elders of Zion gatherings, I was handed a note under the table from NEO ELDER, asking me to post the following... (Elder of Zion #6)


Ted Koppel
ABC News: Nightline
Interview with Khaled Mashaal

Not sure if any of you caught this, but unfortunately my TIVO still is programmed to pick up Nightline each night (I know I know, I should have gotten Ted outta the Tivo ages ago – but I didn’t … but I digress).

So Friday night, Ted was interviewing Khaled Mashaal, the “political leader” of Hamas. (and don’t ya love the term “political leader”???... It almost makes him not sound like a terrorist... but when in doubt, remember the immortal words of Benjamin Netanyahu “if it walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist, and quacks like a terrorist, it must be a duck!... anyway, I digress again... sorry). So Ted and the terrorist had a nice 30 minute chat about world events. You know: the plight of the poor Palestinians... the tyranny of imposed by the Zionist occupiers... and the legitimacy of the “martyrdom operations” conducted by Hamas that are legitimate lawful forms of resistance (which by the way, I learned this evening are the God given right of every Palestinian “as a matter of reciprocity”) … the best part was when the terrorist (ooops, I mean the political leader of the resistance movement fighting the Zionist occupiers) said that his fine organization (and I quote) “Does not target women and children or civilians.” (I guess they assume that only IDF folk ride those buses... anyway, I digress again).

So where to start with all of this? First of all – the mere fact that Ted was interviewing one of the most wanted terrorists in the world is disgusting – and Ted even dignified the terrorist by calling him sir and tossing nothing but softball questions. And the only thing funny about the whole thing was listening to one of the most wanted terrorists in the world refer to Koppel as “Mr. Ted” (and that was kinda funny)... but it gets worse.

In his “Closing Thoughts” segment, Koppel said:

“Years ago in Nairobi Kenya, I remember Jomo Kenyatta pulling up his trouser leg to show visiting secretary of state Henry Kissinger the scars he still bore from leg irons he was forced to wear in prison. The British had jailed him as a terrorist. Kenyatta would go on to become the first president of an independent Kenya and the British went home. Similarly, in British occupied Palestine, Menachem Begin, and his Irgun fighters were considered terrorists. Begin of course went on to become prime minister of Israel. After 26 years in prison, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa. Yasser Arafat, certainly a terrorist earlier in his career, received a state funeral in Cairo just a few weeks ago. He died, of course, president of the PA.

Do all terrorist leaders go on to become revered statesmen? Certainly not. Just don’t be surprised if one of these days Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal shows up at the White House for tea. Such things have happened before.”

Not under W’s watch it won’t Ted – not under W’s watch. And I bet that’s why Ted and all his media elite friends are still having tissy fits over Gore losing in 2000 and Kerry losing this past November! I know! Maybe if Kerry had won we could once and for all regain the respect of the world (especially the respect of the terrorists) and finally understand why the US and Israel are hated so much by having a man who has killed hundreds of women and children explain it to the leader of the free world over tea!

Well Ted, maybe such a tea time will come about in 2008... but for all of our sakes Ted, I certainly hope not. Insh’alla!

And that’s an Insh’alla coming from a Jewboy Ted! So go put THAT in your tea time peace pipe Ted and go @#^%$#$#$@#$&%$&%^*... ok, I’ll stop now :-)
|| Elder of Zion #6 8:16 AM
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