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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

              Iran is so “in” this season
As I said to a very drunk liberal friend of mine 2 years ago regarding the election of our next President...
"Vote for the guy you want sitting in the big chair the day that we throw down with Iran. That day will come during the next 4 year cycle. I have my opinion on many other issues, but comparatively, they are small potatoes."

This day is coming soon and, thankfully, we have the right guy in the chair. Now let’s hope he does not let us down...

What the Pentagon can now do in secret.

Iran Says It Has Military Might to Deter Any Attack

Nudnik adds:
Seymour Hersh's "revelations" that the Pentagon is conducting reconaissance on Iran seem to be obvious. I would certainly hope that the Pentagon has been doing this for a long time. Additionally, as this editorial describes, Hersh is not exactly the most reliable reporter.
Most notably, historian Arthur Schlesinger once called Hersh "the most gullible investigative reporter I've ever encountered" — one whose "capacity to exaggerate is unparalleled."
It is also very possible that Hersh is being used by people in the administration to issue a warning to Iran. Either way, it is good to see that something is actually being done about Iran.
|| Elder of Zion #6 1:46 PM
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