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Thursday, January 06, 2005

              Absolutely Amazing
Here are some examples of the conspiracy theories going around on the loony left sites. Of course, its about the oil and the US is clearly responsible. The only possible word for this is insanity.

What is more amazing is that there have been similar - though not nearly as loony - theories from the mainstream left (if it can be called that), trying to link this earthquake and tsunami with global warming. The issue behind these arguments is development is bad; development leads to people "improper" use of the environment, and that in turn leads to more death and destruction when natural disasters occur. This argument is nonsense. Death and destruction from natural disasters occur because of lack of development, not too much development, as this article and this article point out.
There was a time, recall, that when most natural disasters were unsurvivable and unpredictable - they came without warning and wiped out whole swaths of communities. In 1959, floods in China killed 2 million. As recently as 1970, 300,000 died in floods in Bangladesh. But natural disasters that hit the developed world seldom even make the list anymore. The Lisbon earthquake killed an estimated 30,000, but that was in 1755.

Environmentalists have correctly noted that 96 percent of death from natural disasters now occurs in the developing world, and that poor, Caribbean countries suffer far worse death and injury from the same hurricanes that also batter Florida. Yet somehow they conclude this is the fault of the developed world for being developed, not a sign that poor countries would be better off if they developed, too.
Environmentalists don't really care about people. If they did, they wouldn't come up with such anti-human policy proposals.
The tsunamis are a terrible natural disaster. But they pale in comparison to the not-so-natural disaster known as modern environmentalism.
|| Nudnik 2:36 PM
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