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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

              Who's Afraid of 'Roids
After last week's leak that New York Yankees star Jason Giambi admitted to using steroids, the baseball world has been beating itself up over how horrible this is, and what it means for the game. Somewhat lost in all this is that it has been a very open secret for quite a while that many baseball (as well as football, basketball, track, etc.) players use these performance enhancing drugs - it's clear from just looking at many of them, and seeing their sudden growth.

My opinion on this issue has been who cares. If these entertainers want to use some kind of substance to make them better entertainers, why is that such a bad thing? It will only make the the games more interesting. And in terms of the harm these drug do, let the athletes themselves decide if they are willing to bear the cost for the benefit that they receive. John Lott takes the position that given the mild risks, and despite the demands of baseball purists, steroid policy is not something that government should decide.


Modern Day Frodo
(Follow up from Elder #6)

The stupidity of the athlete can extend beyond an occasional steroid boost. Check out this story.

Lessons to take… don’t over-celebrate when you are up 4-1. And as my dad once said, “never EVER get married if you want to hold on to all of your appendages”. So ok... he never said it... but he thought it.
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