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Nudnik - n. U.S. colloq. Esp. in Jewish usage: a pestering, nagging, or irritating person

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

              And Not So Encouraging Signs
Many Western commentators and politicians have expressed optimism about a new "peace process" with the Palestinians after the death of Arafat, and about the new "moderate" leadership, it seems that the reality is that not much has changed. Once again, the Palestinian leadership is saying one thing in English, and the complete opposite in Arabic. Barry Rubin questions whether there is any real movement towards peace on the Palestinian side, or if it is just
a propaganda bid for renewed Western sympathy and pressure on Israel for unilateral concessions
And Steven Stalinsky, the executive director of MEMRI, provides some quotes from the Palestinian leadership that show their true intentions. Hopefully the Bush administration will pay attention to what is being said in Arabic, and not just in English as the Clinton team did.
|| Nudnik 12:28 PM
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