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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

              More MSM Fraud
Continuing its record of bias and fraud, the MSM - in the form of the New York Times - came out with a story yesterday about 380 tons of missing explosives at a site in Iraq. John Kerry, of course, seized on this story to keep trying to convince the electorate that Pres. Bush has done a horrible job in Iraq.

The story stank from the beginning, and now with more information coming out its obvious that this was another attempt by the MSM to help John Kerry. Drudge reports that this story was first reported in April of 2003, but was repackaged to be shown on October 31 - 24 hours before the election - by CBS. Even more interestingly, Cliff May confirms that the story is a complete fraud - explosives were not even there when US troops arrived.

Its stunning that in its attempt to elect John Kerry, the MSM is willing to forfeit any shred of credibility that it had. I guess the ends justify the means.
|| Nudnik 1:01 PM
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