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Thursday, October 28, 2004

              Kerry's Foreign Policy
Martin Peretz, one of the few people at The New Republic who still sees the reality of the world, shows the ridiculousness of the foreign policy suggested by John Kerry and the EUnichs.
The last refuge of scoundrels is not patriotism. It is finicky liberal humanitarianism.
How would John Kerry have dealt with Saddam? He has told us Saddam needed to be "confronted." But the word itself--which implies that the United States could have overthrown Saddam without using military force--tells us what we need to know. Had the United States and our allies not embarked on this war, the Iraqi mass murderer would still be in power. And, were international sanctions gone, as they soon would have been thanks to Russia and France, he would have been on his way back to having and deploying weapons of mass destruction. And the senator from Massachusetts would not have raised his voice.
Kerry's main problem is that the United Nations, the designated proctor for his "global test," is an impediment to prompt and effective action against savage governments.
Of course, the only time the UN does spring into action is to condemn Israel. The pronouncements of Kerry's foreign policy advisers continue to show that he would not confront the UN on this, and in fact would probably resurrect Clinton's program of pressuring Israel to give more and more while getting nothing but war in return.
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