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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

              Answer to Kerry's Tora-Bora Lies
General Tommy Franks, the man in charge of the US Central Command during the war in Afghanistan, addresses Kerry's mendacious comments about Bush "losing" bin Laden at Tora-Bora.
Contrary to Senator Kerry, President Bush never "took his eye off the ball" when it came to Osama bin Laden. The war on terrorism has a global focus. It cannot be divided into separate and unrelated wars, one in Afghanistan and another in Iraq. Both are part of the same effort to capture and kill terrorists before they are able to strike America again, potentially with weapons of mass destruction. Terrorist cells are operating in some 60 countries, and the United States, in coordination with dozens of allies, is waging this war on many fronts.

As we planned for potential military action in Iraq and conducted counterterrorist operations in several other countries in the region, Afghanistan remained a center of focus. Neither attention nor manpower was diverted from Afghanistan to Iraq. When we started Operation Iraqi Freedom we had about 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, and by the time we finished major combat operations in Iraq last May we had more than 10,000 troops in Afghanistan.
Will Kerry now stop making these mendacious statements? Unlikely...They way he figures it, if you repeat a lie often enough there will be plenty of people who will start believing it.
|| Nudnik 9:39 AM
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