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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

              WMD? Where?
As quickly as the story of an Iraqi Sarin gas filled shell being found appeared, it has disappeared. This is, of course, to be expected from a press beholden to the Left that has made the lack of WMD the centerpiece of their "Bush Lied" campaign. This non-existence of WMD is the first of the "Four Noes" of "the defeatists' platform" that William Safire lambastes in his op/ed piece.

Frank Gaffney, in a similar article, criticizes that crowd for "moving the goalposts".

The "Bush Lied" mantra has completely engulfed the "anti-war", anti-Bush left. With the help of a compliant press, they have managed to push the actual facts (existence of WMD, Iraq's ties to al-Qaeda, the good news in Iraq) completely from public view. This, despite the fact that virtually everything the left had predicted or threatened would happen in Afghanistan and Iraq - "millions of refugees" (at this point the only refugees are the ones who fled Iraq during Saddam's reign and are now flooding back in), the "brutal Afghan winter", the "quagmire" of March 2003 right before US Marines captured Baghdad, Saddam deploying (the non-existent) chemical weapons against US troops, etc. - has been proven to be completely false. I guess it was they who "lied". When will we hear an apology for that?
|| Nudnik 3:52 PM
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