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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

              Inhumane versus Inhuman
William Bennett, in a recent speech at the Claremont Institute, tackles the issues of why and how we fight this war against the "undiluted barbarism" we face.

Many on the left, like Ted Kennedy, have attempted to equate the actions of a few soldiers in Abu Ghraib with the actions of our enemies, thus attempting to destroy the moral legitimacy of the war as well as of the US itself. As Bennett point out, this is plain moral idiocy; the actions of the US soldiers in that prison were inhumane, the actions of our Islamofascist enemies are simply inhuman.

There are lessons that we need to learn from this inhumanity and brutality of our enemies. As well described in this article, their barbarism is not incidental to their cause, it is their cause.
|| Nudnik 10:18 AM
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