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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

              The "Stench Along the East River"
Over the years since its founding, the United Nations has metamorphosed from an institution of the highest ideals and vision - human rights, freedom, justice, tolerance, and peace - to a corrupt bureaucracy under the control of violent, despotic regimes. At this point, it seems that the main goal of the UN is to excoriate the US and Israel, as well as enriching itself and its minions. In virtually every mission that it undertook in the last 15 years, it failed miserably, either by commission or omission. Rachel Neuwirth in The American Thinker presents these failures.
The U.N. recently passed another blatantly anti-Israel resolution in support of extremist Arab Palestinian claims. There is no longer any point in entering into any serious dialogue with this organization. In countless ways, over many years, the U.N. has proven to be a discredited organization, with lawless elements, which can no longer claim to have any moral standing. Very few of its 191 members can be counted upon to put principle ahead of crass expediency.

The hopeful vision that accompanied its founding in 1945 has long since evaporated. It was the United Nations which recognized Israel in 1947. Therefore the U.N. has a duty to protect her from forcible extinction and to live up to and enforce the U.N. Charter. If the U.N. fails to protect any of her members including Israel, then all that remains is a stench along the East River.


The record is clear. Too clear. It is time to stop the pretense that the U.N. is anything other than a hopelessly corrupt, ever mischievous, ever-conniving, ever anti-democratic, failed organization. It is time to stop looking to it for any honest brokering and to establish an alternative mechanism for dealing with the world's ills, and this time, let it be "by invitation only!"

The U.N. must be radically overhauled in a way that requires member states to be at least on the road to democracy and all voting rights to be restricted to established, representative democracies. If not, it is time to put the old slogan into effect: get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.

|| Nudnik 9:45 AM
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