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Friday, April 30, 2004

              Niger from Uranium
In last year's State of the Union speech Bush brought up Iraq's attempt to buy Uranium from Africa as a reason for the necessity of invading. This claim was was criticized as unsubstantiated by the "anti-war" crowd, and especially Joe Wilson, the diplomat that the Bush Administration sent to Niger to investigate Iraq's attempts to procure the "yellow-cake". British Intelligence, which was the source of this claim asserted that the information was correct and continued standing behind it despite the very vocal criticisms. Now the same Joe Wilson has written a book (who hasn't at this point) and it turns out that British Intelligence was correct, the Washington Post reports:

"It was Saddam Hussein's information minister, Mohammed Saeed Sahhaf, often referred to in the Western press as "Baghdad Bob," who approached an official of the African nation of Niger in 1999 to discuss trade -- an overture the official saw as a possible effort to buy uranium.

That's according to a new book Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former ambassador who was sent to Niger by the CIA in 2002 to investigate reports that Iraq had been trying to buy enriched "yellowcake" uranium. Wilson wrote that he did not learn the identity of the Iraqi official until this January, when he talked again with his Niger source.

This is just another in the long line of things that the "anti-war" crowd has gotten wrong. Does this mean that it was they who "lied"?
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