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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

              US is Evil...Again
Well, the jackasses at Amnesty International have done it again in their annual report on human rights around the world: U.S. leads global attack on human rights -Amnesty. Of course, the main reasons for this assessment by AI is Abu Ghraib and detentions at Guantanamo. It is hard to imagine a more morally obtuse report than this.

In the four years since 9/11, the US has liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban, ensuring rights for all the people there. After that the US liberated Iraq from one of the most brutal dictators of the last 50 years, once again improving the human rights of the people there immeasurably. The US has done more for human rights just in the last four years more than AI has done in its entire existence. Yet the only thing that the anti-American morons at AI see is Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

Of course, the other country so assaulted by AI is Israel. They have accused Israel of "war crimes and crimes against humanity". The basis for these accusations is that Palestinian civilians have been killed in "attacks on residential areas". Perhaps it would behoove AI to actually read international law before propounding these inanities. Yes, Palestinian civilians have been killed. But according to international law the responsibility for these deaths lie solely on the terrorists who hide out in civilian areas - a war crime under international law - and use civilians as human shields - also a war crime. These Palestinian crimes do not merit mention by AI.

Of course, its much easier to accuse democracies of violations of international law than it is to accuse repressive regimes; there is always a fifth column in democracies willing to heap scorn and blame on their own governments and draw even more attention to the baseless accusations of NGOs gone wild - something which usually does not occur in the Sudans and Zimbabwes of the world.

My suggestion is to force the people making these judgments to actually go live in a truly repressive country before they make such accusations. Maybe then they would actually find out something about human rights.
|| Nudnik 10:46 AM
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