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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

              Blix Again?
Apparently, in the mistaken belief that anyone still wanted to hear his opinions, Hans Blix decided to once again criticize President Bush.
Blix told reporters there is "a great deal of concern" about North Korea and Iran among states without nuclear weapons.

But "that feeling of concern is somewhat muted by the feeling that the United States in particular, and perhaps some other nuclear weapons states, are not taking the common bargain as seriously as they had committed themselves to do in the past," he said.

He cited Bush administration proposals to build new nuclear weapons and talk in Washington even of testing weapons, ending a 13-year-old U.S. moratorium on nuclear tests. He also referred to statements by Bolton, President Bush's embattled nominee to be U.N. ambassador, devaluing treaties and the authority of international law.
So the reason that North Korea and Iran are developing nuclear weapons is because of statements by Bolton? Blix seems to forget that Iran has been working on this for quite a few years, and that it was during the Clinton Administration that the North Koreans.

Cox and Forkum has the perfect cartoon for Blix's idiocy.

More fundamentally, Blix expresses the continuing delusion of the Left that all one needs to do to guarantee world peace is sign some treaties. It seems that no amount of evidence can convince those that are so blinded that tyrants and tyrannies do not adhere to treaties.
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